Preparing for an Emergency at Work

No matter how prepared you think you are, you can never exactly tell when the next disaster is going to strike. That means you may not be sitting at home with all your preps when something happens. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time at work, and there is a good chance that that’s where you’ll be when things go sideways. Staying prepared at work should be part of your overall plans.

Watch the News

Use the news as your early warning system, whether you are listening to conventional television broadcasts, the radio or even just keep an eye on Twitter to catch the first hints of a problem. Getting ahead of a disaster is key to survival. Finding out that you need to evacuate hours after everyone else hears is going to make things tough.

Keep a Bug Out Bag Handy

A small bag of essential supplies is important at work, just like it is at home. Keep a little backpack or belt bag under your desk or in your locker, where you can grab and go when the time comes. First aid kit, flashlight, matches, a thermal foil blanket, compass and even a vegan energy bar or two can make a vital difference in an emergency. Alternatively, you can keep these types of supplies in your car (provided you drive your own car to work). Only use this option if you are able to park nearby. Having to trek 6 blocks back to your car to get your gear is not a smart idea. In that case, keep it with you.

Plan Your Route

Obviously, you already know how to get home from your place of work, but remember that the usual routes may not be the best option in an emergency. Main roads may be blocked or just clogged up with traffic as everyone else is also on the move. Plan a secondary (and tertiary) option so you know how to get home by taking back roads or smaller streets. Don’t let a sudden detour derail your evacuation. Also, keep a good local map in your car in case you do need to find a new way home .

In fact, a major disaster may eliminate road travel altogether. Do you have an on-foot route in mind? Is your gear easily carried? Keep comfortable walking shoes at work or in your car, just in case you have to hoof it.

Staying Put

Unfortunately, you should plan for a situation where you simply are unable to get home and have to hunker down at work. Hopefully, not for too long. As already mentioned, have some supplies at your desk if nothing else. Talk to your boss and see if its a possibility to have a box of essentials kept in the lunch room or something similar. Flashlights, food, bottles of water, radio and blankets are the way to go for a workplace prepper kit. Obviously, you’ll plan this out depending on how many people are involved.

You may prefer to keep your emergency supplies to yourself, but remember that keeping everyone else calm and safe can go a long way in keeping yourself safe too.