Reasons to Prepare

Chances are, you are already interested in preparedness which is why you have come to visit our site. If you are still very new to the idea, you might still be grappling with the “why” reasons for getting some supplies together and being ready.

These are some of the most likely disaster situations that you should keep in mind. Some are more likely than others, but all are definitely possible. Remember that these aren’t set in stone, and could easily flow from one to the other during a real-life disaster. A hurricane can lead to gas shortages or disease outbreaks, for example.

One of the best approaches to being prepared, is to be flexible and ready to handle anything that may happen.

Weather and Natural Disasters

This is the most common reason for most people who prepare for emergencies, especially those folks who live in areas where severe weather is a problem. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or even prolonged drought are all potential disasters that you should consider being ready for. When a weather-related disaster hits, the disruptions usually last for a much longer time than the event itself.

Outbreak of Disease

It’s been nearly a hundred years since the last major flu pandemic, and some experts say that we are due for another such disease outbreak. The spread of influenza or any other highly contagious disease can lead to quarantines, which can leave you on your own to provide for your family. Even if there are no such official moves, you will find yourself safer if you stay at home with limited contact with others.

Economic Downturns

This is becoming a more wide-spread concern as the country teeters on the edge of a recession. Economic problems can include just your own employment situation, but can also refer to larger-scale problems that might lead to difficulties getting goods and supplies. Saving cash is a typical way of preparing for a personal job loss, but what happens if there are no open stores to buy things from? Having actual food and supplies is smarter.

Shortage of Oil or Gas

The world may be running out of oil, which many believers in “Peak Oil” think. Even if the supply continues, economic issues may price it out of reach for the average person (something which has already happened not that long ago). Either way, the lack of gas and fuel in our society means more than no personal transportation. Without a smooth system for delivering goods to the stores, most commerce is also going to come to a halt. So a gas shortage will inevitably mean a lack of available supplies, including food at the grocery store.


This is a very broad area, that could show itself in many different ways. Bombs (both conventional or nuclear) are a possibility, particularly if you live in or near a large city. Sabotage of the electrical grid, or wide-spread contamination of the water supply are others. Though the fear of terrorism has waned considerably since the attacks of September 11th, it is by no means gone.

These are just some possibilities that you should keep in mind when working out your preparedness strategy. You just never know what might be coming. A smart vegan prepper is ready for anything.